A Singapore Government Agency Website How to identify
A Singapore Government Agency Website How to identify


No time to search for business opportunities on Government Electronic Business (GeBIZ) website?
Suppliers can get notified of new Government Procurement Opportunities posted on the GeBIZ website even when on the move! Getting alerts on new business opportunities is easy, fast and free.
Via RSS Feeds
Registered GeBIZ Trading Partners (GTPs) can subscribe to Really Simple Syndication (RSS) with either method below:
Method 1: Download a RSS reader program. Subscribe to new RSS feeds or manage existing feeds via the reader program.
Method 2: Use an Internet browser that supports RSS to bookmark the RSS link and browse the RSS feeds.
For more information, please refer to GeBIZ FAQ.
Via Email Alerts from GoBusiness Gov Assist
Logon to GoBusiness Gov Assist GeBIZ Alerts page with your Corppass, to subscribe for the email alerts.
If you do not have a Corppass account, you may create an account via the Corppass page.
Remember to assign your Corppass user account to the "GoBusiness Portal" e-Service.
Enterprise Singapore SME Portal services will be streamlined into GoBusiness Gov Assist from Aug 2020.
The SME Portal GeBIZ Alerts service will cease on 01 Sep 2020.