04 Dec 2022
0000 hrs
04 Dec 2022
1400 hrs
MINDEF E-Invoicing shift from GeBIZ to Vendors@Gov
From 1 Jan 2023, vendors will be able to log in to to submit e-invoices to Ministry of Defence. For more details on logging into Vendors@Gov, please refers to this guide. To ease the transition, vendors can still submit e-invoices in GeBIZ till 31 Mar 2023. Vendors should not submit the same invoice in both Vendors@Gov and GeBIZ. Kindly contact us via for any enquiries.
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Singpass and Corppass
Please be informed that Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) will be implemented for Singpass login on GeBIZ. Once 2FA is implemented, you will be prompted to provide an additional factor of authentication such as SMS-OTP, Singpass Face Verification, or the QR code in your Singpass app. This is an additional measure to verify your identity and protect your GeBIZ account from unauthorised access.

The migration from the existing 1FA to 2FA is expected to be completed by 27 October 2022, 2359hrs. Please note that access to GeBIZ will not be available on 27 October 2022 (2200hrs – 2359hrs). In tandem with this transition, all quotations and tenders that are scheduled to close on 28 October 2022 (Friday) and 31 October 2022 (Monday) will close on 1 November 2022 (Tuesday) instead.

Please note that the above only applies to GeBIZ Trading Partners who are logging in to GeBIZ via Singpass/Corppass.

If you require assistance, please contact